Badge Accessories

The professional name badges may turn the simple hello to the final sale. There are accessories that will make you appear at your best. From the rotary or the laser engraved plastic up to the widest choices of brass badges, then you may customize these with a variety of colors, logos and text. You can also add important company information, the employee names and their titles.


1Economical, low cost bead chains are the means to attach the badges. Choose a bold color, fun and the durable nickel-plated beaded chain which is so easy to see plus hard to lose. There are incredible values being offered on the web! There are diversities of bead chain, materials and lengths, including the vinyl neck loop plus the straps to counterpart the ID card method for any event or office.



2From the handheld to the quick punch table top slot punch there are the easiest selections of the holes punch. The heavy-duty slot punch makes hundreds of holes punches nearly effortless, the best for busy corporate offices or large-scale events. Enjoy the precise measurements and the maximum leverage on each punch you make.



3To have that easiest, fastest way of attaching the ID cards and the card holders to the belt, shirt, briefcase, or jackets, the colorful strap clips give a durable connection and the simple release mechanism. You can choose from nickel-plated and vinyl strap clips, and some of which includes tough bulldog clips to have that sturdy attachment capability. The specialty clips like the bulldog clips gives the best, fast and tough connection without damaging the clothes.


4This kind of badge clips permits you to clip the ID cards onto the belt loop or the office bag which can reel them back or reel them out again! Take pleasure of the badge clips which can grab your attention or will showcase your badge in a way which may perfectly fit the needs of the employees and everything in the best possible price.



5When choosing the badge holders, use those bold colors to have that recognition for the different shifts, seniorities or the departments. The myriad of obvious badge holder presents horizontal and vertical mounts for the landscape and the portrait ID cards, respectively, and at the same time the sturdy plastic of the plastic cards will keep them secure most of the time.



6This accessory comes handy when you are in need of replacement or those employees that prefers to wear the badge differently. The magnetic backings are the most famous of all the accessory options. There are kinds that are equipped with two magnets and are good for polo and shirts. There are magnets that are super grip to have that added strength. These are best for the thicker suits of employees and those that are very active in their jobs.


7In one glance, you can spot the department or the title of everyone in the office with an affordable badge buddy. The security staff, fellow workers and also the patients can see a person’s title abruptly. It can just be hang below the normal ID badges with the similar clip. It features subsurface, has burr-free slots and have protected graphics. It is thick and the lamination badges give an even more durable. You can order its stock options, pre-designed, style your own badges or color code it vertically or horizontally by department.


8This will allow you in recording the details of each visitor that will enter and exit within your premises. The log book provides blank spaces which will record the date, company, department, time and name of the person visiting. These books have the cover stock, with color preference and are bounded by the wire-o binding. This wire-o binding are made up of metal coils which outlast the plastic spiral bounded books.


Einst Urown, Badge Holder, 2019


Different Types of Paper


Let me ask you this, are you aware that there are so many kinds of paper with their particular uses, and are you applying the right use of papers for your project or you are still not that sure what can be the most improved paper that will fit your needs today? If you are in a hurry today, just take a look at how these different kinds of paper stack up towards one another and choose the one that will surely fit your everyday applications, because it might save your day for the better!

Types of paper:

  1. Inkjet Paper – for use with the inkjet printers
  2. Bond Paper – for stationery, business forms, and letterhead
  3. Copy Paper – for everyday laser or inkjet printing
  4. Laser Paper – for use with the laser printers
  5. Multipurpose Paper – for daily laser or inkjet printing
  6. Non-Recycled or Virgin Paper – paper that is directly from the trees
  7. Non-Glossy Photographic Paper – paper are not glossy but gives the same print and its lifespan.
  8. Printer Paper – for printing images and text
  9. Photo Paper – for album-ready, high-quality photos
  10. Plain Paper – uncoated paper that makes the images dull.
  11. Recycled Paper – for practically any kind of project
  12. Resume Paper – for our resumes to make us stand out from everyone
  13. Vellum Paper – fine parchment that is originally made from a calf skin for smooth writing paper
  14. Card stock – for items that are in need of a little heft, like as greetings cards and business cards


The different uses of other Regular Copy Paper compared to the Laser Copy
The Laser copy paper when compared to the regular or standard copy paper differs in so many ways. Even though all are in good-quality copies, but the laser paper is styled to run through machine type, and the laser paper is also designed for the best possible aesthetics. The weight of both papers is determined by a ream.


The brightness of the white paper is being measured normally from 80 up to 100, and the higher number denotes brighter whites. The Copy paper is about 80-85% on the brightness rate while the laser paper is about 90-100% rate. However, both the finishing touch of the laser paper and copy paper had that smooth finishes that will permit proper adhesion of the laser and copier toner. Laser papers usually have a smoother final touch than the copy paper to keep that higher-quality look.


The thickness of laser paper with standard variable is usually thicker than the standard copy paper, but the weight does not at all times determine the thickness in the paper manufacturing, however, it is their case laser and copy papers that say so.

The opacity of the laser paper is higher when compared to the regular copy paper and this is because of the material density being used. The higher opacity will minimize or will “show-through” the second part of the printed sheet.

In choosing which paper to be used, remember that laser paper and the regular copy paper are basically the same types of paper, however, with the laser paper, it differentiated with higher-quality of papers and print attributes. The users must select which kind of paper to be used based on their aesthetics and economics.


Einst Urown, Different Percent Level of Brightness in Laser Paper, 2019



When you are not in use of laminated badges, these badge holders can be used with the magnetic attachments for that easy-to-use and secured functionality, and it can…

  1. Explore the unlike options – this is a clear window or an opaque with the folding area that will hide an ID badge.
  2. The rigid cards are the best for those rugged protector tough for valued badges.
  3. The Proximity card badge holder fits snugly around the card, so there is no need to remove or take it from the pouch.


A. Best-selling Badge Holder

  1. Clear Matte Badge Holder Vertical Vinyl Top Load with the Slot Chain Holes in Credit Card Sizes
  2. Clear Matte Badge Holder Horizontal Vinyl Top Load with the Slot Chain Holes in Credit Card Sizes
  3. Dual Card Holder Rigid Vertical or Horizontal in Black color


B. CC or Color-Coded Badge Holder

  1. CC Top Load Horizontal Badge Holder with the Slot and Chain Holes, the Solid Background and it has eight colors available.
  2. CC Top Load Horizontal Badge Holder with the Slot and Chain Holes, the Color Bar, and is available in eight colors.
  3. CC Vertical Badge Holders with the Slot and Chain Holes, Color Frame, and is available in eight colors.
  4. CC Vertical Badge Holder with the Slot and Chain Holes, Solid Background, and has eight colors available.

Color-Coded Badge Holder - 8 colors

C. Rigid Badge Holders

  1.  Rigid Dual Card Holders Horizontal or Vertical in Black color
  2. Rigid Single Card Holder, Horizontal or Vertical in Black color
  3. Semi-Rigid Multi-Card Holder Plastic, Horizontal or Vertical, and Holds up to five (5) cards

-All of these THREE can be used when you are using the Rigid plastic name tags.


D. Horizontal Clear Badge Holder

  1. Clear Matte Badge Holder Vinyl Horizontal Top Load and with Slot Chain Hole in a Credit Card Sizes
  2. Clear Matte Badge Holder Vinyl Horizontal Top Load and with a Clip in a Credit Card Sizes
  3. Clear Matte Badge Holder Vinyl Horizontal Top Load and with a Clip in Military or Government Sizes
  4. Clear Matte Badge Holder Vinyl Horizontal Top Load and with a Slot and Chain Holes in Military or Government Sizes
  5. Clear Matte Badge Holder Vinyl Horizontal Top Load and with a Ziploc Closure in Universal Fit
  6. Clear Matte Badge Holder Vinyl Horizontal Top Load and with a Slot and Chain Holes in Conventional Sizes
  7. Clear Vinyl Proximity Card Badge Holders in Horizontal Top Load and with a Slot
  8. Clear Vinyl Proximity Card Badge Holders in Horizontal Top Load and with a Slot and Chain Hole
  9. Clear Vinyl Proximity Card Heavy Duty Badge Holders in Horizontal Top Load and with Slot Hole


E. Vertical Clear Badge Holder

  1. Clear Matte Badge Holder Vinyl Vertical Top Load and with a Slot Chain Hole in Credit Card Sizes
  2. Clear Matte Badge Holder Vinyl Vertical Top Load and with a Clip in Credit Card Sizes
  3. Clear Matte Badge Holder Vinyl Vertical Top Load and with a Clip in Military or Government Sizes
  4. Clear Matte Badge Holder Vinyl Vertical Top Load and with a Slot and Chain Holes in Military and Government Sizes
  5. Clear Matte Badge Holder Vinyl Vertical Top Load and with a Ziploc Closure in Universal Fit
  6. Clear Vinyl Proximity Card Badge Holders in Vertical Top Load and with a Slot
  7. Clear Vinyl Proximity Card Badge Holders in Vertical Top Load and with a Slot and Chain Hole
  8. Armband Vertical Badge Holders with an Armband
  9. Clear Plastic Card Holders in Vertical
  10. Clear Plastic Ejector Card Holders in Vertical


F. Badge Holder for Proximity Card

  1. Clear Vinyl Proximity Card Badge Holders in Horizontal Top Load and with a Slot
  2. Clear Vinyl Proximity Card Badge Holders in Horizontal Top Load and with a Slot and Chain Hole
  3. Clear Vinyl Proximity Card Badge Holders in Vertical Top Load and with a Slot
  4. Clear Vinyl Proximity Card Badge Holders in Vertical Top Load and with a Slot and Chain Hole
  5. Clear Vinyl Proximity Card in Heavy Duty Badge Holders in Horizontal Top Load and with a Slot Hole


G. Magnetic Badge Holder

  1. Magnetic Badge Holders in Horizontal Top Load of Data and in Credit Card Sizes
  2. Magnetic Badge Holders in Vertical Top Load of Data and in Credit Card Sizes
  3. Two pieces Magnetic Badge Attachments



Einst Urown, Badge Holders with Different Shapes, 2019

Customized Lanyards


Designing customize lanyard is just easy

Customize lanyards are not carrying stock lanyards or the pre-printed designs. Every lanyard design is made upon ordering it. Simply choose the different fabric, colors, and attachment alternatives and the assigned team to you will style and print an exclusive custom lanyard or laminated badges and badge holders for your event!

Ready to style your customize printed lanyard

When styling a custom-made lanyard, simply choose from the alternative lanyard designs and come with the facts in the simple order form that will get a quote and free digital proof. There are knowledgeable staffs or company representatives that will be very much happy to assist and help you with questions that you have in mind. They also have their company emails that will provide your requested quotations and just wait for that someone that will contact you after you have emailed them. Just provide the design information like the lanyard types, lanyard colors, printed/woven colors and any designs, logos or mascots you would like to apply so that the graphics department may have the full color proof that is for your approval. If you are not sure about any aspect regarding your lanyards, again, there are available expert staffs that are most willing to assist you and they are just a phone away. They can help you create that custom lanyard that will be perfect for your company.


Customer Benefits

Every time that a client will have their orders, the items are fully customizable and it has character limits or charges. All of the lanyards are free of Pantone matching colors, but are made of high quality fabric materials of lanyards.

Affordable Wholesale Pricing

The quality lanyards you may trust with the top best service online. There are suppliers that only produce the professional-looking, top quality, custom printed lanyards that is for their trade shows, companies, and organization use from around the world. There are so many available finest customer services that you can experience anywhere.

Lanyard Designs: Make your personal lanyards

Designing your personal lanyards has never this easy. There are now alternative options than ever. You can just simply browse at the selection of stock colors, attachments and fabrics make that personal and exclusive lanyard design. There are about more than six lanyard styles with more than ten lanyard attachments available. There is a one of a kind type of custom lanyard that can be available for you and the whole team.

Easy Process – Design the lanyards or customize a lanyard design

If you are looking for that easy means of designing your personal lanyard for the company or your business event, then, look no further. There are other procedures that are simple and just really quick! Through the easy order form, choosing from the alternatives above, and by sending the lanyard text, images and company logo, you can use a team by sending a free digital style design proofs with the quote. If there are already designed in your mind and you might want to apply your personal custom colors and imprinted styles. You may also choose to use laminated badges for your upcoming event!


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Printers that are making a first class appearance of name tags


Nowadays, there are on site printers that can make name badges and name tags to look like a first class one even at the last minute of preparation. In some events, late registrants normally received their name tags with the “last minute” that is written all above them and this is not the best means to greet the attendees. But now, they will be happier with the available professional name tags that are being produced by the on-site printers and have that look of first class name tags in just a couple of times.

With the laptop computer on hand and with the clear instructions from any of the friendly customer service available, there will be on-site options that are going to offer two for your choices and then the printed name tags will be ready without slowing down the registration line. There is also a type that can be able to print a name tag in one time or badges that will be enough for your entire lists of names.

THE OPTIONS: There are printers for each type of name tags: the adhesive labels, paper inserts and the reusable ID cards. Every printer arrives with the warranty and is being backed by the online information and the technical support. There are also numerous speeds for the different types of on-site printers which are printing Datamax name tags faster as one in a second!

iprinter1. Datamax Printers – this is the printer that prints selected fanfold paper stocks in 3 sizes. These are compact on-site printers that create name tag inserts plus a lot more! These are direct thermal, ribbon-free printing and can print up a name tag in every second. It has an easy and fast software installation that is compatible with the Microsoft Word of three versions only. It has an adjustable sensor align paper for you to use a diversity of stocks and label sizes.

dymo2. Dymo Turbo Printer – this can print professional name tag on the adhesive labels and it includes software that will allow you to print labels straight from the text in the famous software programs which can also verify US addresses plus the ZIP codes. It uses thermal printing ribbon-free for Thermal print Name Tags. It can print Postal Services in the US that has approved postage for faster processors.

data3. Datamax Professional Printer – this is the printer that presents the graphic display with the easy navigation of menu interface. It can operate with battery packs for a really portable printing wherein the computer becomes optional! It is a direct thermal, ribbon-free printing of the name tags that is exclusive for fanfold name tag stocks. It also permits you to upload a logo to pre-loaded template for that easy data entry. It is also capable of faster printing compared to the other printers. It has an ethernet port for use in network printing and has the USB host port that is for a detached keyboard. This is compatible with a Microsoft Word of three versions only.


Einst Urown, Other kinds of printers that are creating a first class look of name tags, 2019

SATO’s Reliable Products


With decades of expertise and experience within the testing and facing materials, backing materials and adhesives, the experts understand the industry and are capable of recommending the ideal solution for an application.

SATO is offering an entire solution which includes integration services, hardware, and software and SATO is obtainable in assisting in the implementation and development of turnkey or custom applications. The micro sites are the valuable resource where you can find industry specific, comprehensive product profiles and the multitude of informational asset.

  1. Software – SATO provides the most comprehensive ranges of software solutions that will meet the customer requirements across the variety of applications and markets. SATO’s solution supports the needs of developers, end users, IT administrator, from deploying and also supporting SATO hardware, in developing application software which will enable integration with the other kinds of IT systems.
  2. Thermal and Laser Printers Supply – Industry expertise, superior inventory management and production capabilities makes SATO the most preferred manufacturer of thermal, RFID labels, and laser in making Sato name tags. These are custom design alternatives, stock inventory plus the ready to go pack that specialized in the blank white thermals, colored or pre-printed labels and also tags.


SATO Industrial Laser Printers and Accessories

The high-volume laser printer from the SATO industries are the best ideal for businesses which needed that need for printing large amounts of tags/tickets, reports, labels, or forms. The industrial laser equipments are styled to become efficient and cost-helpful while still preserving high standards of SATO name tags in reliability and quality.


SATO gives the world’s top hang tag production systems for high-volume application. The laser printer and cutter/stacker are being used by larger retailers which require long print runs in effectively turning blank stock to finished solo hang tags.

Handheld Labeling System

SATO gives a diversity of 1, 2, 3 line of Handheld Labeling System and some other marking system for that consecutive numbering and also shading marking applications. The SATO/Meto gives a diversity of one, two, three line of Handheld Labeling Systems, best for high and low volume users. They are permitting you to mark the thousands of items reliably and quickly. Used for most coding applications and merchandising, they are accessible in a diversity of choices which can suit each customer need. Their applications are endless. Completing A-Z character, ability is available, providing the capability to print the personalized messages. Added stock print bands permit for tool customization in meeting particular requirements.

image078The lock-in print band features gives greater accuracy when choosing the character’s position. In every tool, you can rapidly load and exchange the ink rollers and the label rolls. It is engineered for impact resistance and durability, and Sato/Meto tools give years of a dependable service. The labels and tags are the important part of the retail businesses, the SATO can assist in enhancing processes and increasing sales. This is best for distribution, retail, and for quality assurance application. It communicates endless mixtures of pricing and of promotional information on the pressure sensitive labels. It is also assisting with inventory control and enhances comparative shopping.


Einst Urown, Synthetic papers, 2018

Definitions and characteristics of Synthetic Papers


Many companies today saw that the synthetic paper manufacturers had been making a little nice niche market, and that they wanted everyone wanted a piece of that too. Just out of the blue, you had everyone coming in and just wanted it that easy to become a part of its booming market. They have begun to place a coating down to their product and named themselves as synthetic too. Sadly, as time passes by the synthetic paper is becoming more generalized. Originally, it was intended to become an alternative to papers that is why it is named synthetic paper. However, as time goes on, it appears to mean anything that is not only vinyl.

However, the meaning of synthetic paper is evolving and included some variations by some researchers like:

1. Synthetic paper as a film. The researcher makes a way to create a film print out just like the paper product. One example is a clay coat and places it on the film to provide a paper like surface that is for printing purposes. However, Kimdura did it somewhat differently, and the expectations were still similar: To make a result that had the paper-like qualities, and was stronger and is able to handle purposes that a paper would not. This is a product that does not need to laminate to make it durable and weather-ability.

2. Synthetic paper as the non-cellulosic sheet materials resembling paper and is used in the same fashion. The researcher says that most of the synthetic papers are created from thermoplastic materials like polyolefins, polystyrene, nylon and a lot more by either foil extrusion, direct film or through bonding filaments thereof. The Tyvek is the non-woven material through manufacturing terms and with this meaning classifies as the synthetic paper when applied for graphic applications and for synthetic paper name tags too.

3. Synthetic paper is a category of paper which has been made without any kind of wood fibers and has been specially formulated to become receptive to the commercial printing inks. The researcher says that this varies from plastic films in some ways because of its printing characteristics, and this really varies from the traditional paper due to the lack of wood fiber.

4. Synthetic paper as a paper like film which lies somewhere in between the high-value paper and traditional plastic films. The researcher says that the synthetic paper has generally been accepted to become not of the organic nature or the wood-based, but the resin or oil based on its production.

5. Synthetic paper is really a film. The researcher said that it might become a figure of things, a polyethylene or a polypropylene, with some kind of coating that is normally a clay coating over it, that creates a product that is so easy to print. With easy printing, you can apply standard inks, and there is no need for either top coat or a corona treatment.

6. Synthetic paper term has evolved now and up to a point where the distributors and manufacturers are applying it for any kind of plastic film which will accept the offset printing rather than the polystyrenes or generic PVC films, says by a researcher. The product is developed to comprise oriented polypropylene films which people are now called as synthetic papers that really are not synthetic papers, but basically just films. The manufacturers applied some of the clay coatings to the materials and suddenly it is labeled as synthetic paper. The term is geared more to appeal to a printer, to provide the product a connotation as the printer friendly material particularly when making synthetic paper name tags.

7. Synthetic paper is so versatile says a researcher, because of its durability and strength and the printability and appearance of paper. He believed that the customers would choose synthetic paper because of its strength, durability, tear resistance, and its weather-ability properties.



Einst Urown, Reasons why choose a particular lanyard for your material?, 2018