Rigid Badge Holders in Hard Plastics


The hard plastic badge holders are the durable and secure way to protect and display the name tags, photo badges, business cards and IDs. There is a huge array of rigid and hard plastics for your rigid plastic name tags, as well as the flexible plastic designs that are available in both vertical and horizontal orientations. Numerous fasteners like neck cords, pins, and clips that sizes from the popular 3″ by 4″ and the photo and the ID badge sizes and colors are available.

The hard and rigid plastic badge holder is the best for employee application around your office, to use by the teachers and students in schools, and even for guests and attendees in the corporate and conference events.

Kinds of rigid badge holders in hard plastics:

  1. Convertible ID card holder or rigid multiple badge
  2. Convertible ID card holder or rigid single badge
  3. Easy access badge gripper in clear color
  4. Permanent locking badge holder in horizontal orientation
  5. Permanent locking badge holder in vertical orientation
  6. Plastic horizontal rigid badge holder with the thumb slide
  7. Plastic horizontal rigid badge holder with the thumb slot
  8. Plastic vertical rigid badge holder with the thumb slot
  9. Rigid open-faced vertical badge holders
  10. Vertical rigid ID badges and the business card holder
  11. 2-Card holder in rigid plastic with the protective shield
  12. 2″ x 3.5″ – Rigid plastic badge holders in heavy duty with bulldog clips
  13. 2″ x 3.5″ – Rigid plastic badge holders in heavy duty with the elastic neck cords
  14. 2″ x 3.5″ – Rigid plastic badge holders in heavy duty with pins
  15. 3″ x 4″ – Rigid plastic badge holder in heavy duty with bulldog clips
  16. 3″ x 4″ – Rigid plastic badge holders in heavy duty with pins
  17. 30 mil badge grippers


The client can also order the corresponding printable sheet inserts for the rigid plastic name tags and badge holders too. If the client cannot see the badge holder design that they are looking for, they can view all the other custom printed and vinyl badge holder styles. The client can also contact their most preferred supplier for some assistance in looking for the perfect material, size, and style of the badge holder for their personal or company use.

Remember that every plastic badge holder is being listed because of its insert sizes or inner dimensions in helping you look for the best size that will match the specific insert or the name badge. There are also schematic images that are available for you to view their real sizes.

There is a huge selection of stock lanyards and custom imprinted available for your conferences and event needs. If you are in need of any assistance, or you are having difficulty in finding the perfect name badge, you can phone or have a live conversation with your preferred manufacturer’s service assistance, and for sure, they will be glad to help you with your badges or lanyards inquiries.



Different kinds of rigid badge holders


  1. Clear Vinyl – Horizontal – for event size of rigid plastic name tags holders with steel pin
  2. Convertible opaque rigid plastics five card badge holder
  3. FIPS Approved shielded two cards holder for the Smart cards
  4. Frosted plastic Card Holder black vertical and horizontal with thumb notch
  5. Frosted plastic card holder blue vertical and horizontal with thumb notch
  6. Frosted plastic card holder clear vertical and horizontal with thumb notch
  7. Frosted plastic card holder gray vertical and horizontal with thumb notch
  8. Frosted plastic card holder white vertical and horizontal with thumb notch
  9. Frosted rigid plastics horizontal and vertical access card holders with a UV protection
  10. Frosted rigid UV plastic two cards badge holder in vertical orientation
  11. Guard key for the key lock badge holders
  12. Hard plastic card holder of ID with thumb notch in clear or frosted
  13. Horizontal plastic card holder frosted with the slot and the key ring
  14. Horizontal rigid plastics two side multi card badge holders in clear color
  15. Horizontal rigid plastics two side multi card badge holders blue color
  16. Horizontal rigid plastics two side multi card badge holders black color
  17. Horizontal vehicle hanging tag holders in clear vinyl
  18. Multidirectional black plastic shield card protector with FIPS Approved
  19. Multidirectional blue plastic shield card protector with FIPS Approved
  20. Multidirectional rigid plastic two card holder with the open front in black color
  21. Permanently locked rigid plastic multi badges holder in horizontal and vertical orientation
  22. Rigid plastic badge holders with rotating clip in white color
  23. Rigid plastic badge holders with rotating clip in clear color
  24. Rigid plastic badge holders with rotating clip in blue color
  25. Rigid plastic badge holders with rotating clip in black color
  26. Rigid plastic easy accessed magnetic stripe card holder in horizontal
  27. Rigid plastic name tags locking in the vertical multi badge holder
  28. Rigid plastic horizontal multi badge holder with guard lock
  29. Rigid black plastic three card badge holder with extraction levers in vertical and horizontal orientation.
  30. Rigid blue plastic three card badge holder with extraction levers in vertical and horizontal orientation
  31. Rigid gray plastic three card badge holder with extraction levers in vertical and horizontal orientation
  32. Rigid white plastic three card badge holder with extraction levers in vertical and horizontal orientation.
  33. Slotted hard plastic one card holder with extractor slide
  34. Slotted hard plastic two card holders with extractor slides
  35. Slotted ID plastic card holders in semi rigid with open front in black color
  36. Slotted ID plastic card holders in semi rigid with open front in blue color
  37. Slotted ID plastic card holders in semi rigid with open front in green color
  38. Slotted ID plastic card holders in semi rigid with open front in white color
  39. Slotted ID plastic card holders in semi rigid with open front in yellow color
  40. Vertical rigid wear two clear card badge holders
  41. Vertical rigid multi accessed card holder frosted with extractor slide
  42. Vertical hard plastic one card holder with thumb notch in clear or frosted
  43. Vertical hard plastic two card holder with thumb notch in clear or frosted
  44. Vertical rigid plastic two sided multi card badges of black holder
  45. Vertical rigid plastic two sided multi card badges of blue holder
  46. Vertical rigid plastic two sided multi card badges of clear holder
  47. Vertical rigid plastic two sided multi card badges of green holder
  48. Vertical vehicle hanging tag holder in clear vinyl
  49. Water resistant plastic badge holder, multi card with a lanyard


Zebra receipt papers and custom printing supplies


Zebra printers are for people that are making products and processes. With zebra printers, No matter what you are tagging or tracking for, with RFID or barcodes, the Zebra has the most advanced answers to that query. This legacy of advancement continued with the best of the breed desktop, mobile printers, industrial, and cards. And they are embedded with the software for the remote management, peak performance and with easy integration. With the Zebra printer, you can choose to make of your desired complete printing need and to name one is the:

Zebra extensive custom capabilities

Zebra print Name tags

With around three hundred (300) extensive customization capabilities and pre-tested materials, this Zebra can make the custom labels, tags, receipts or wristband that will surely meet the exact supplies and requirements of the application. The custom capabilities have the following:

  1. Custom shapes and sizes
  2. Pre-printed text, logos and graphics
  3. Flood coated colors
  4. Up to eight (8) UV colors with twelve (12) colors that are water based
  5. With PMS color matching
  6. Front side and backside printing
  7. Fan fold or rolls
  8. Security inks
  9. With face slits, back slits, and perforations
  10. With spot coating and adhesive deadening
  11. Lamination
  12. Pre-printing of the UL marks

Large varieties of available materials

There are so many available pre-tested supplies and materials and have the access to many more through the extensive system of suppliers. You can explore and choose some of the most common materials available.

Receipt paper – These are durable and crisp images


A solution that will be used to meet the requirements

The Zebra Company gives materials which have been approved and tested by Zebra Supplies Research and Development Department to reach with the application’s durability, archival requirements, image quality and also with the budget.

Zebra may also pre-print the company logo, terms and conditions, instructions, and some other information, permitting you in maximizing the functionality of the documents and the receipts.

Receipt papers that can be use for Zebra print name tags are:

  1. Z-Perform 2.4 mil receipts 1000D – these are standards uncoated paper receipts that provides excellent quality with its economical cost and has the ten (10) years archivevability.
  2. Z-Perform receipt 3.5 mil receipts 1000D (value) – these are thick uncoated, standards paper receipt. It features improved sturdiness and feel with ten (10) years archivevability.
  3. Z-Select 3.2 mil receipts 4000D – these are top-coated thick paper receipts that presents exceptional resistance, feel and long-life durability. It gives resistance to minimal moisture, mild chemicals, and scratches with twenty five (25) years archivevability.
  4. Z-High temp 3.2 mil receipts 8000D – these are thick top-coated premium paper receipts prepared to withstand the high temperatures. It has resistance to minimal moisture, scratches, mild chemicals, and to temperatures of up to 90 degrees C or (194 degrees F) with 20 years archivevability.
  5. Z-Polypro 3.8 mil receipts 4000D – these top-coated synthetic, thick receipts that are tear proof and waterproof too. It has resistance to moisture, scratches and mild chemicals and has ten (10) years archivevability.

Blank White Adhesive Plastic Cards


The PVC sticky blank white cards or the self adhesive card is a high quality printable card that may be personalized through the card printer and will then stuck to the other plastic cards that are too thick for the card printer like the HID/Clamshell with the rest.

The surface of the cards is flat and even and making sure flawless movement beneath the Thermal printer’s head which will minimize the danger of damage. Printing through vivid colors and the well-defined barcodes are possible through technology. The cards are also called as the blank white self adhesive plastic cards, the blank PVC sticky card, blank sticky cards, 30mil sticky card, 10mil sticky card, or CR79 sticky card.

The blank sticky cards are being manufactured with its finest care and quality and they complied with the following characteristics and conditions too.

These are ISO – Compliant and have high durability. They are able of printing with any card printers such as Evolis, Zebra, Data card, Fargo, Magic cards, Badgy Smart, and some other kinds of ID Card Printers.

It has a longer lifespan, which is ideal for the photo ID, and when the proximity card is in need to be reused, just simply peel off, stick-on with the new customized self-adhesive card.

These are adhesive PVC blank white card with the glossy finish and with an ISO standard of 760 micron PVC-CR80 types of plastic cards. It is printable on the side with the 10 to 30mil plastic cards. It is a trouble free customizable card which is compatible with every card printing machine. It is supplied in a dust free or clean antistatic packaging.



The pre-printed cards were the most efficient and the easy option for the ID cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, gift cards, PVC business cards, and many more. They are accessible in every kind, such as plastics, MIFARE, Smart Cards or PVC. The personalized PVC plastic cards are being widely recognized as the best and the easiest means in maintaining a long-term client promise, and like a well establish in the societies of today.

The pre-printed custom styled cards mixed with the top features of the biggest flow lithography-pressed card and the dye-sublimation printers in giving the cost effective alternative for business today.

Benefits of Pre-printed Cards:

Accurate Data capture

Brand recognition

Customer retention

Immediate Card issuance

Long-term commitment

The surface of this card is flat and even ensuring flawless development under the Thermal printer’s head. Printing with vivid dyes and well-described bar codes is possible by this technology. These plastic cards are known as the blank pre-printed PVC card, pre-printed card, club cards, 30 mil pre-printed PVC card, preprinted plastic PVC membership cards, pre-printed magnetic strip cards, Preprinted offset cards, 4C plastic card, or the pre-printed screen cards.

It has security features like magnetic strip, hologram, smart chip, and a lot more that can be added. It is also troubling free customizable card that is compatible with every card printing machine. It is also supplied in a dust free, clean, and antistatic packaging.



1. CLNX Series – these are high functioning Thermal Printer. The CLNX Series of Printers tenders a vast selection of standard features which are unequaled by the competition. The SATO’s CLNX Series arrange the innovative and new industry standard for that easiness making of Sato name tags, on-board business emulations, intelligence, connectivity, user activity interface, speed of processing information streams, and many more.

2. M84Pro Series – these are rugged industrial generations of the high performance printer and with high resolution abilities. These M84Pro offered the users configurable print resolutions and the M84Pro’s dominant electronics provides higher throughput and prints with speeds respectively.

3. M10e Series – The SATO’s M10e has a larger format of Industrial Printer WITH 10.5-Inch Wider Web Thermal Printer and with Industry Leading Throughput and has been designed with manufacturing functions in mind. The barcode printer makes a label of up to the entire 11.8 inches broad with a speed of until five inches in every second. It is a high performance thermal printer that is so reliable and so easy to use. The SATO’s M10e 10.5 inch print head creates it possible to imprint bigger format compliance labels in the top speed with no need to rotate the image.

4. WS2 Series – The settings of the new standard are in 2” printing and with the capability to adapt the wide selection of media to arrive at the multitude of prints on demand needs. It is a compact, convenient, and a compliant printer.

5. WS4 Series – The WS4 Series has a 4-inch desktop thermal printer which is feature-rich with affordable priced and with greater manufacturing throughput. It is accessible in DT or Direct Thermal and TT or Thermal Transfer. The WS4 gives an exceptional print quality with print speed. It has maximized performance, investment and versatility.

6. CG2 – The SATO CG Series of desktop printers is accessible with either 4″ or 2″ models. These CG Series offered superior print quality with print speeds of either 203 or the 305 dpi print resolution using Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal.

7. Cp – The 4″ thermal transfer printers are the best for customers who printed labels in command and required a cost effective desktop printer.

8. Ct4i – The CT4i series envisioned of the power of the business printer inside a shell of the desktop printer and with its high information transfer rates and the processing speed, this CT4i printer is able to continuously print without the need to pause in between labels, even if the graphics and data changes on every label.

9. OS Series – These are trusted and dependable, quality assured printers with exceptional value. This direct thermal of OS2140D and the OS214plus thermal transfer printer is the attractive price seldom seen for every 4” desktop model.

10. PW2NX Series – This PW2NX series of SATO’s next generation in its IoT-equipped and also ruggedized mobile printers are designed for utilization across multiple industries vertically and with their applications. This series of PW2NX is the sturdy 2-inch label printers with robust connectivity and exceptional durability. It is designed universally with the AEP or the Application Enabled Printing, NFC communication, and lastly its iOS support. This kind of SATO printer that makes Sato name tags enables productivity and also flexibility, making this PW2NX the smartest of all choice among mobile printing technology of today for tablets, Smartphone operations and mobile computers.


Barcode Tags and Labels


This is a high quality thermal stock that decreases downtime and it increases efficiency. These varieties of thermal barcode labels of Zebra print name tags meet the necessities of the budgets and applications.

There are so many choices of synthetic labels and papers for tag materials. It uses a UDI or Unique Device Identifier and MDI or Medical Device Identification material. It must also be a CSA and UL/cUL approved materials.


  1. IQ color barcode label – With the IQ color label that is exclusively from for Zebra print name tags, you can apply to any kind of Zebra thermal printer in print colors on demand.
  2. Z-slip packing slips solution – You can save up to 2,000 hours with the shipment. If you ship many packages in a day, then, that is precisely what you will save through using the Zebra slip ship all in one solution.


  1. Z-Perform paper tags – these bright, standard white smooth paper tags are specially coated to give an optimal balance in between price and performances. It is accessible in direct transfer or thermal transfer.
  2. Z-Select paper tags – The bright white, premium, ultra smooth paper tags are made in specially coated paper to provide an optimal performance.
  3. Polypro synthetic tags – The white matte polypropylene tags provide the utmost all-around function for most applications. It has resistant to smearing, scratching and the temperature goes up to 93 degrees C or 200 degrees F and 1-2 years in the outdoor use.
  4. Z-Ultimate synthetic tags – The glosses polyester laminated tag that gives scratch resistance and unparalleled smear and resistance to a moderate chemical, where the temperature goes up to 93 degree C or 200 degrees F and with until 3 years outdoor use.



  1. Z-Perform paper labels – these are bright white and standard smooth paper facestock that are specially coated in providing the optimal balance in between price and performance for a zebra print name tags.
  2. Z-Select paper labels – It is a bright white, premium, ultra smooth kind of paper facestock particularly coated to give optimal performance. It is thermal transfer and direct thermal.
  3. IQ Color paper labels – these are bright white, standard smooth paper facestock which have the capability to print very vibrant color on demands in pre-defined areas to be used being a visual cue. It is accessible direct thermal only. The offerings include removable and standard adhesives.
  4. Polyo synthetic labels – the white polyolefin facestock gives a minimal resistance to smearing and scratching. The offering contains flexible and semi-rigid materials to be used in curve or rough surfaces and available in thermal transfers only.
  5. Polypro synthetic labels – the white matte polypropylene facestocks gives the ideal all-around performances in most applications. It offers some flexibility in labelling curved surface. It is resistant to smearing and to scratching as well. It is offering some materials and standards which have high-tacked and removable adhesive.
  6. Z-Xtreme synthetic labels – the matte polyester facestocks with the response to scratch and smear, excellent resistance to harsh chemicals. It is available in thermal transfers. There are also the selections of silver, white, and clear materials, together with the standards, removable and high-tack adhesives.
  7. Z-Ultimate synthetic labels – the gloss polyester facestocks are giving unparalleled scratch and smear resistance, resistance to moderate chemicals that last up to until 3 years outdoors.
  8. Z-Supreme synthetic labels – the Polyimide facestocks are styled for high-temperature surroundings and are available in matte or gloss final touch and in thermal transfer.barcode-labels-500x500

Business Cards


Now you can print your custom business cards which will have that lasting impact. From the great value to a great impression, the standard size heavyweight of business card type is the best when you are in need of that fast, easy, and affordable printing. Add the subtle hint of that elegance by providing the business card a matte laminated finish or by simply demonstrating your love for our environment with the eco-friendly recycled choices. Show your actual business with these awesome newest deluxe additions, square and layered business cards! There are unique triple layered card that can boast the colored core of your preferred type of that added fun and durability!


1. ROUNDED LAMINATED BUSINESS PLASTIC CARDS – This premium business card is the ideal way for adding that touch of luxury into your contact details. These are best to use as the traditional business card, and you can also use this as a mini thank you card, or probably a loyalty card. Your design and your choices are now with the rounded corners and that will surely make an impression! The designs are printed and matted laminated badges for that deluxe finish.


– WHITE BOARD – for that premium recycled finished with the textured look.
– BROWN BOARD – for that unique natural brown recycle finished.
– GRAY BOARD – for that distinct gray feel recycled finish.


— These THREE KINDS of business cards are the best for the whole host of use, whether you want to hand out the band’s contact information with the demos, or you are just after the traditional business card, or you want to make your coffee shop a loyalty card. The designs are printed on the silk board with the rounded corners. This business card is double-sided so that it can fit-in every pertinent data.

4. SQUARE BUSINESS CARD – For a little bit different, try the newest awesome square business card. Use as your fun option for that traditional business card, and probably advertises your social showcase and channels your photography!

5. SQUARE LAYERED BUSINESS CARD – This is a super thick layered industry card that is so awesome to make a statement. At a weight of 925gsm, they are sturdier than the regular business cards. The designs are printed to a luxurious dull white back and front with the colored center sheet, providing that sleek but funny finish. The customer can select from the available center colors of black, blue, red, purple, green, turquoise, yellow, pink and orange.


All of these FIVE KINDS of business plastic cards have added designs that include a standard design as the standard design and you can have the different design at the back and the front. The designs are printed within a beautifully colored double-sided to an option of 3 recycled stocks.

Be reminded that the recycled boards were not uniformed and so the color and the texture of a board may slightly vary throughout the run. It is also due to its recycled materials, and it is what makes the option both awesome and unique!