A selection of badge holders

Badge holders are commonly used for displaying badges, ID cards or tickets for identifying where the security is requiring it, just like in corporations, businesses, hospitals, conventions, trade fairs, prisons, and for backstage pass during an entertainment.


Here are the selections of common badge holders:

  • Flexible vinyl badge holder – is the most affordable and the most common badge2badge holder. This holder will be bent with only a slight pressure due to its composition of thin piece of vinyl. This badge holder is good at protecting the card from water damage and dirt, but is not advisable for great outdoor activities. Flexible holders typically feature a chain hole, a slot or both, giving convenient easy attachment to its wearer. This badge holder is not for everyday use while standing up.


  • Rigid badge holder – also called as hard plastic badge holder is identical to the badge3flexible holders, with an obvious difference of not bending or not flexible with normal pressure. This holder is the ideal one for long-term use since they can give better protection to your credentials and are a lot more durable than the flexible vinyl holder. It is a no-flex material that makes rigid holders ideal for proximity or smart cards, since the cards has internal technology which can be ruined if curved. This holder is available in color, material, clear material, and also in levers or slide ejectors which make it easy to get out any needed inserted credentials for scanning.


  • Shielded badge holder – is the unique answer to the modern problem. This badge4holder is meant for carrying smart cards, since it can protect the cards from possible data theft called as skimming. The skimming is the practice of getting information from the card without the authorization from the owner and also using it for despicable purposes. This shielded holder has a thin metal piece which keeps the card from able to read by a stranger while it is inserted, and thus, keeping the data secure and safe.


  • Convention badge holder – is a subset of elastic vinyl badge holder that gives badge5many spaces at an affordable cost. This holder is so ideal for large-print convention tags or for use during festivals or large sales meetings and a lot more. This holder has no forever, but will surely last until the event is done. These holders can feature either chain holes or a slot and or attached clips, making the attachment as simple as it can be.


  • Proximity card holders – this is a subset of the flexible vinyl badge holder. It is badge6composed of materials that is slightly thicker to evade fraying or tears in the turns of the holder. This holder features a slot that is styled to mimic the hole on the inserted documents. When the lanyard is inserted, this will serve as a means to “lock” an inserted card inside, stopping it from declining out when it is swiped in the front of the card reader.


  • Other badge holder – this kind is slightly more specialized which contain an eco-badge7friendly badge holder, and are basically similar with the standard badge holder apart from containing a more earthly-conscious material; like the Arm band badge holder that stay fastened because of an elastic strap and worn around the person’s arm, making them an ideal badge holder for security guards, the construction workers, and some others in the act industry.


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The 3 important questions to ask regarding the new ID badge program in school


But, then as the school year is about to end, the budgeting season is also approaching for the funds with the upcoming small and large expenses. This will make the school budgeting season an ideal time to think regarding investing in the school ID card plan, whether it is the overhaul of the existing solution or the implementation of the employee and the student’s ID badges. While the investment in the ID program is not going to totally blow a budget just like a budget for a HVAC system repair or a new gym floor, making the latest identification badge method will require the careful investment and planning.

Just to take the most effective and efficient badge system possible, it is understood what alternatives you have when moving forward and up to how these options will mess-up with the school’s needs.

Don’t just wing school ID badges

These questions below are styled to let you think regarding what you really need with the school ID badge program.


First, when the school is thinking about beginning of with an ID badge program just for a first time, the questions will assist in giving the idea of what is going to be needed to invest in getting the program going.

Second, when the school is overhauling the present program, these questions will represent a chance to take a harder look at the existing circumstances and to address of any inefficiencies or inconsistencies.

Here are the following questions to be asked:

1. How many ID cards the school needs to make?

Pro StudentOne of the very vital aspects of the ID badge program is the quantity of cards that is needed to produce, both to have the program begins and to have it running on their normal regular basis. There are numbers of unlike badges scenarios like creating badges only for the staffs or only for the students or for both of them. The main reason for the quantity of cards to know before the manufacturing is that to determine the kind of ID badge system to use. The Id badge system is different with employees only, with students only and with both.

2. Is the making of the cards will concern the ID card security of the school?

student-id-cardThe security school ID badge is an interesting subject since it covers a wide range of scenarios.

An example of this is a school ID badge would be used in the elementary school, wherein the thought of anyone that wants to make a dishonest 2nd-grader’s card limit on absurd.

The different schools must have different aims for wanting to place in security features to the ID credentials. Some will be afraid to counterfeit, others, will just like the competence that is added in the laminated or holographic security seal. Whatever the reasons will be, selecting the kind of ID badge security will surely go a long way in determining the kind of ID program needs.

3. Do you need some added functions of the school ID badges?

ID CardMany schools now wanted the ID badges to function more than just plain identification of the wearer.

If you are one of those that answered yes! And you want more than just identification, then, you need to decide what your school wants to get out of just being an ID card.

The staff and the student ID cards now can be used to open their front door, have access to the employee only wings, process payments in the cafeteria in the school and a lot more. The modern technology is allowing the staff and the student ID cards to be than just a thin portion of plastic and making it a more loaded with plenty of features that is in the small package.

It will make sense then, you have to invest in the technology card of a certain kind. This particular card type will really depend exactly about what you really want the card to do, and for your options, the magnetic stripe cards, smart cards and proximity cards are the most common cards being used.


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3 Tips on purchasing school lanyards


These badge accessories are simply the best way to display and carry an ID badge, an employee badge, a badge holder, a key holder or some other little stuff that is important to your kind of work, in the office, buildings or even inside the house.

It is not that hard to spot why lanyards are becoming famous now. Because of its being easy to use, customizable branding, unique styles made personally, affordable accessory and its opportunities of earning makes these lanyards popular now.

While lots of people are becoming familiar with what the lanyard is all about and have that total idea about what they are searching for, settling with the perfect and accurate lanyard can still be tricky at times. Because of the many available choices and options handed to you, it becomes a tough decision to choose which one is the best and which is what you really need!

If you are only just aware of the basic use of lanyards like carrying of the ID badge, and you are not certainly aware with things like, the best material, the end fitting to be use and what should be the most applicable finishing, then your specific need will not match with anything if you don’t have any idea at all, because must fit by the customer with their need and uses.

But, there is one specific industry where the lanyards are commonly used that has exclusive challenges to consider during their purchase: the schools! Yes, the schools regularly use lanyards for the wearing of their ID badges and sets of keys.

STUDENTIf you are buying lanyards for use in schools, then, here are some few things that you must consider prior to before making any purchases

1. Consider the wearers of lanyards – who and where the lanyards will be worn on is a very important matter. For the school use, separate the kind of lanyards for the teachers, for the students and for the school employees like the cleaning personnel.

2. Decision making – There is a branding option and there are generic lanyards too, and so, which one the school prefer. For the schools, the custom branding of the lanyards offers a unique chance. It will not only allow the students, professors and the staffs show their pride in the logo and colors, but it will also represent a chance to gain the school some more money by selling it or by having a school gift shop and have it available there.

3. Promoting a good cause – Have some considerations of using the lanyards in sponsoring with a cause. In school, lanyards are not only to carry the badge or to promote their school. There is always a way in promoting lanyards with a good cause. Some samples are the autism awareness and anti-bullying campaign lanyards for the schools. As surprising as this may sound but this maybe a way in giving a positive message to the staffs and the students as well by adding a logo of “lanyard for a cause”. These lanyards will help in promoting positive messages and creating an added acceptable school culture among students. The school can use anti-bullying lanyards or autism awareness lanyards in giving help by educating the students about how important and how it feels to be accepted and to belong. Also with these lanyards, the bullied students will be aware when to stand up when being bullied and to help and look out for one another. So, before purchasing lanyards for school use, consider this logo with a cause to help make a respectful, more tolerant, and more welcoming atmosphere inside the school premises.



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The three great uses of extra grosgrain ribbons


After wrapping up some of the many presents that are you need to give to an institution, you noticed that there are some grosgrain ribbons left and you are wondering and tempted either you will tuck them in your supply box until your next use or throw them away since you think it will be useless at all. But, don’t you know that grosgrain ribbons have ridges and tight weave that makes it appear crisp, and so you can still used with lots of some other interesting means that will for sure become more functional for you and anyone in the house. Below are just some the many great uses that you can make extra grosgrain ribbons, so that there is nothing of it that will go to waste. Here are some uses of it:

  1. Lanyards

    IMG_9665Everybody is in need of something or somewhere where they can keep their name badge or keys, and that is why lanyards are popular because of its handiness. But, lanyards may be expensive for some, especially if you will take them from department stores that are selling it high. Luckily, lanyard is just so easy and simple to make, especially if own and knows how to operate a sewing machine. First, simply run the grosgrain ribbon through the name badge or the key ring that will hole and sew the ends to a loop. You may be able to create that one-of-a-kind unique lanyard. Creating your personal lanyards will also mean creating your special length and since you have your own sewing machine and you enjoy what you are doing, you can also make the lanyards making an added income during your spare time. Enjoying and earnings go hand in hand here!

  2. Scrapbooking

    scrapbookThe grosgrain ribbons are especially handy when making scrapbooks. Ribbon may be wrapped around an edge of the photo to make that wonderfully colored frame, or you can round-up to make a flower kind of your own for a page. When cutting the ribbons, apply your being imaginative and creative and create a very interesting fabric shapes that will add decorations to the pages. Do not be worried about the fabric fraying because it is not that tricky as you think it is. By simply giving some extra attention to the details in the cutting of the edges, use some with a few drops from a clear nail polish, and for sure that it will remain in its place for more years.
    Grosgrain ribbons are also great in showing and giving emphasis to color swatches. An example is, if you make a scrapbook page regarding the first home obtained, you may use the ribbons to illustrate the original tint of your first carpet, or the first shade of the house when you originally bought it.

  3. Home Décor

    decorSince grosgrain ribbons are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and widths, you may apply it to add a visual concern to some areas of the house. Here are the two possible places you can spruce up with an added ribbon:




  • Lamps

    Try gluing a band of grosgrain ribbon all along the base of the lampshades. In planning of adding a bit of life to the boring shade, it may illuminate whenever that light turns on and it will give your walls a new pop of color.

  • Holiday Decorations

    Use grosgrain ribbon in wrapping your hallway banister or your Christmas tree too.

Now that you have in mind some of these ideas, the next time that you will see left over or some extra grosgrain ribbon, stop, and allow your imagination to run with your hands and take some time to create something useful and incredible out of a craft supply. You will never know that while you are just thinking of saving money, you are already helping the environment to remain tidy, and then one day, someone will knock at your door and ask for your assistance to teach them how to make one for them and for institutions too. Saving, helping and teaching, and earnings are just mind blowing to think, that it that all come from scraps and leftover grosgrain ribbons.