Applications of synthetic paper


It has been defined that synthetic paper is the category of paper which has been created without any wood fiber and is exclusively made to become open into commercial printing inks like the printing of synthetic paper name tags. Synthetic paper differs from the plastic film in some ways, due to its printing characteristics, and this differs from the conventional paper due to the lack of wood fiber.

Yupo America is the division of the Oji-Yuka Synthetic Papers Co., in Tokyo.

While the Valéron Strength Films defines synthetic paper as the paper-like film which lies somewhere in between the conventional high-value kind of paper and the plastic films. Synthetic paper is universally acknowledged to be not from the organic nature or the wood-based, but it is resin/oil based on its manufacture.

Synthetic papers are films. This can be any number of things, the polyethylene based or the polypropylene based — with some kind of the coating — usually it is a clay coating over it, that makes a product just easy to print. When it is being said as easy to print, it just simply means that you may apply with the standard inks, and will not need a top coating or corona treatment.

It has been believed that the word synthetic paper has then evolved now, up to the point where in the distributors and the manufacturers are utilizing it for any kind of plastic film which may accept offset prints other than the generic PVC film or the polystyrenes. This product is developed to include tilting polypropylene films that the people are now pertaining to a synthetic paper, that’s really are not synthetic papers because they are mainly just film. Manufacturers applied some clay coatings into the materials and then suddenly it became labeled as the synthetic papers. It is believed that the word has been more geared to draw to the printer, and give the product that connotation as one printer friendly material.

And with the durability and the strength of the plastics and the printability and the appearance of the paper, these synthetic papers are very versatile. The consumers would opt for the synthetic papers for its durability, strength and weatherability and the tear resistance properties.

Benefits of synthetic papers:

  • Capitalizes on the durability of the plastic and its resistance to water, grease, oil, and some other chemicals.
  • Converts well where it simply slit, scored, folded, riveted, sewn, diecut, perforated, embossed, foil stamped, and also it is laminated.
  • Excellent strength.
  • Excellent durability.
  • FDA compliant.
  • High opacity.
  • Lays flat.
  • Outstanding printability with added crispness and snap.
  • Quick drying time.
  • Resistance to yellowing.
  • Superior resistance to weather and to moisture.
  • Thermal and inkjet transfer printing had been possible.
  • Versatile because it may print via offset, screen, rotogravure, flexo, and letterpress.
  • Well fitted for frequently handled papers.
  • Efficient: Prior to the synthetics, printers might coat or might overlaminate the paper to attain its gloss and durability like those synthetic paper name tags. Now they gathered these attributes with only a stock. It eliminates the added steps on press, which progresses the turnaround speed and the lower the cost.


Full Color Name Tags


The full color name tags are laminated, durable full color name badge with a very attractive finish. It is made of deep metallic silver or metallic gold finishes of your choice. It can be accessible also in tan or white customize colors that is available by request. The laminated surface is protecting the imprint and gives the UV stability.

The name badges that include the magnetic lapel back piece or pin that has the safety lock for that easy off and easy on over your clothes. There are also promotional free text and the corporate logo personalization with every kind of name tags. Just feel free to inquire to your loyal suppliers.


These are brushed name badges and metal tags in virtually any shape or size that you need. It is shown in the entire color, and these are considered the professional name badges.

The company logo, name tag had the magnetic lapel backing pin or piece with the security lock to enjoy that easy on and that easy off. Add the alternative acrylic backer piece to have that added reinforcement. There are also some full logo personalization and free texts on all the brushed metal name tag.

1. NAME BADGE – the sample name badge is just the ideal means of deciding if the particular size, color, and the corner option is just the perfect one for your organization just before placing the bulk order. There are varieties of sizes, four assorted metal color options to choose from such as brushed silver, gold, white (glossy), copper (polished), or the three different corner kinds.


It includes the black acrylic backer which is a cut flush with a metal that suggested for support or an order without the metal measures thick with no the backer.

2. OVAL OFFICE NAME BADGES – it is made from craftsmanship and quality materials and allowed to introduce the oval, brushed metal name badges. It is raised for demanding the corporate life and the professionals from around the nation that is shown in the entire color. It includes the magnetic lapel backing pin or piece together with the safety lock. It has available graphic personalization available on all badges and in metal full color name tags.



The brushed name badges and metal tags with the flexible pocket clips. You can slide it over any pocket to have that comfort and easy name tag display. You can choose to add the alternative acrylic backer piece to have that added reinforcement. The name badge design and layout is totally up to you. There are no minimums required on every brushed metal name tag.


These are great looking engraved tags and name badges in different sizes. The engraved name tag is available in virtually wood tone, brushed metal tones and in any kind of color that you desire. These are one color engrave with the magnetic lapel backing pin or the piece with the safety locks.

Heavy Duty Lanyards Uses


Are you that someone that needed to work outside most of your time? Probably you are an event coordinator, non-profits managing their events, help the companies, and help manage most of the chaos which comes with hosting the live events. Maybe helping venues set up for concert bands and you are playing the pivotal role in the foster of the local music scenes by doing the heavy lifting. You’re someone that could be the scout leader, construction worker or a camp counselor. There are so many jobs, careers, and hobbies that will require you to work exterior through environmental that might cause the wear and tear in due time such as heat, mud, rain, etc.

Here are the lanyards that may handle the beating and at the same time will keep you to look stylish:

Custom lanyards that are built to last – this is a fully custom made lanyard. It is founded in firm craftsmanship with care and tender love place into every solo lanyard that has been made. Because of this, there are some makers that are always open and welcoming fresh ideas for the continuous name tags. If you are someone that had lots of ideas in your mind about lanyard that you would love to have inside your collection, do not hesitate and tell your most preferred manufacturers about what you have in mind. Because together, you can make the idea come into existence in a fully customize made lanyard where you will be sure to boast to others knowing you are wearing that one-of-a-type piece!


Breakaway closure lanyard – this is an ideal choice of people who need that most durable thing. Generally speaking, the lanyards will arrive with the breakaway style closure or the clip style closure. Clip styles are the best for people who are in need of frequently removing their ID, like using it to present to another staff when moving from a department to another department or to use for scanning identification. In either way, these aren’t the best choices for those that need something tumble and rougher.


The breakaway closure lanyard has been offered in the large variety of designs ranging from the flashy and bright to the more conservative and also toned down lanyards. There are also lanyards that will let you represents your most preferred sports teams or the lanyards that will let you show interest for the coming holidays.

Heavy duty sewn lanyard – this is the ideal choice of the rugged enthusiast and those who needed to go down and get dirty at work! The lanyards are the prime choice for organizing outdoor actions or for those that are working outdoors to have a living. The mixture of sun and rain and begin to fray and dry out many ordinary lanyards which are styled to become silky and more elegant by touch. The lanyards are styled to become tougher and sewn for sturdiness or for use with continuous name tags. If you are someone frequently getting lots of sun exposure and rain with your daily work, then, try the heavy-duty webbing lanyard. There are lots of styles that utilize the breakaway safety clasps so that any tugs and snags you encounter won’t be the reason to rip your IDs or keys off on your lanyard!


The support services of Zebra


Zebra device maximizes the business performances and the uptime together with the Zebra one care support service.

Each day, you are relying on the Zebra mobile computers, printers, barcode scanners and in keeping your business running efficiently. In making sure that you get the expected and dependable performance that you need to enlarge the device uptime and restore on investment for the Zebra devices in making your Zebra print name tags with the Zebra Care Support Services. At whatever level of service that you need, there is the Zebra Care Service that will support your critical procedures and help enhance the business outcomes. This Zebra Care Service sets the bar for support and repair service, with experts that can speak 17 languages tendering unmatched from-their-manufacturer support — since nobody really knows our merchandises better than we are.

Basic assurance of Zebra care service

This central service offering gives the assurance that you need from across all the products, going beyond the standard warranty giving:

  1. Comprehensive coverage, if it is broken, then, it will be fixed
  2. Covers accidental damage, with the standard wear and tear
  3. 8×5 local time live-in agent support
  4. 3-day repair rotating time
  5. Access to the restricted software
  6. Device diagnostics for the mobile computers

There are services for the mobile computers and the scanners gives visibility to repair, guard analytics reports and case management.


SELECT MAXIMUM PROTECTION – Building the top of important support, the Zebra Care Select gives the additional capabilities, including:

  1. 24×7 live-agent nominal support
  2. Advance device replacement – this is the same day shipment of the replacement device
  3. Device Commissioning
  4. Spares pool management

PREMIER – ADVANCED SERVICES – If the industry required the top stage of service possible select the Zebra Care Premier for the enterprise device. By using the visibility services and the support services, you select the service components in meeting the exact needs for your business of Zebra print name tags and also for your workforce. The key features include:

  1. Incident and the problem management thru the Managed Device Service of Zebra.
  2. Managed and visibility services options
  3. Software Release Management
  4. Single Point of the Contact for Services Management



    – It has the standalone technical support service and the software support.
    – It resolves all the technical support issues which will get access to every latest software updates and with the TSS of Zebra. The features include:
    – It has the right pricing for the chosen printers and the TC2X mobile devices
    – This exclusive value service gives the appropriate coverage for the appropriate pricing for eligible Zebra printer and the TC2X mobile device with:
    – It has certified service employees within the facility.
    – One call brings the Zebra certified and trained service technician to the area.

By using genuine Zebra pieces, the on-site support services employees quickly return the Zebra devices to the original manufacturer specifications to restore the operations to its full productivity.

Can an Inkjet Printer be feed with Laser Paper?


When it deals with the inkjet paper VS laser paper, it will normally boil down to absorbability and printing technology. It has been since this type of paper is mainly made to absorb the liquid ink being used during the printing process. On a flip part, a laser paper has been fitted for a laser printer has been made like this so it can withstand heat.

In this regard, what is the amendment between the papers for the inkjet printers and the copiers and laser printers?

The INKJET PRINTERS used ink that can be soaked to a paper and the COPIERS and LASER PRINTERS used the toner that can stay on a paper surface.

The Laser printers and the Inkjet printers may both utilize the uncoated kind of paper. But, when the paper has been coated to hold the heavier coverage of an inkjet ink or an engineering copier toner, a coating property will be distinctive then.

An example is, when you’re attempting to print the ink on a coated glossy paper for the laser printer, the ink might possibly smear and cannot adhere to the paper. The vital differences really exist in the types of coatings being utilized for the diverse types of inkjet inks, such as the UV-cure, the aqueous, latex and the eco-solvent, and the plentiful different types of paper being coated. There are different manufacturers of the inkjet paper that has been making an exclusive kind of covering formulations for an exclusive printing requirement of a different kind of customer.

And so the reply to this title question is absolutely NO!


The consequence when you are using the laser paper in an inkjet printer is not really that awful like utilizing the inkjet paper within the laser printer. If you use the inkjet paper in a laser printer can severely harm a printer, although there will be not much printer harm, to cause the inkjet printer when you’re using the laser paper.

The same with the inkjet paper that have its coating, a laser paper has been coated with that doesn’t play really well with an inkjet printer. The coating may not also messed with the printer such an inkjet paper coat that will surely mess with a laser printer, but it can have that impact on the quality of a print. The ink of the inkjet printer doesn’t stick to a paper coated for a laser printer. The document may simply smear or it may blot a moment when it goes out of a printer. The paper coat of laser printer is not really intending to absorb an ink like a paper coat for an inkjet printer; it’s actually destined to have a toner set and had it melted above.

Spreading is really noticeable with the glossy paper that has meant for a laser printer, but it is utilized in the inkjet printer. A glossy paper is even more heavily coated the moment you compare it to the matte paper, and so it does make sense that the smearing becomes more obvious on glossier paper than the matte papers. So, the use of laser paper in an inkjet printer is not really bad, but it is not recommended.

Different ID Cards and Badge Printers


Aside from outsourcing the badge printing needs of your company, why not invest with the badge printer that is your own? There are shops that have the variety of ID laminated badges printers that you can choose from, in both the dual-sided and single-sided. These are engineered that will deliver quality outcome in a high speed, there are badge printers that are best in this business and every printer comes with the USB or the Ethernet connectivity depending by which you choose.

Here are some of the ID badge printers today!

1. ID Card Dual Printers – Smart 51D IDP Dual-Sided Card Printers with the USB connectivity. This Smart-51D IDP is a printer that produces full-colored or monochrome cards at the moment and it’s the best answer to print the ID cards that is on demand or with the volume. The SMART-51D offered the widest range of elective features with the magnetic encoder, contactless smart card encoder and contact and making it the best for numerous applications in the diversity of the surroundings. The ID badge printer has been fitted for any kind of application that will require a solo sided printing of the ID cards.


2. ID Card Single Printers – Smart 51S IDP Single Sided Printers with the USB connectivity. The Smart-51S printers make the full-colored or the monochrome card at the moment and it’s the perfect solution for the printing of PVC ID cards that is on demand or are in volume. The IDP SMART-51S tenders the massive range of optional characteristics with magnetic encoder, contacts and contactless smart cards, encoder, making it the ideal for numerous applications in the variety of environments. It is fitted for any kind of application that needed the solo sided printing of the ID cards.

3. Card Printers – The IDP Smart 51L Printer Dual Sided Card and Laminator with the USB connectivity. The IDP Smart-51L Card System of Dual-Sided ID tenders effective, secure ID cards printing in a low cost that will fit the budget. The IDP’s Smart 51L has been packed with features such as a linear footprint, small design easy card and loading. The IDP Smart-51L Systems Dual-Sided Card is the great choice for making cards for the governments, healthcare and schools where the lamination or the holograms are needed to increase its security and durability.


4. ZXP Series 9 – Triggered to fulfill your top security and speed necessities, this Series 9 of the Zebra Printer ZXP helps you to make adorable colored ID cards reliably and quickly. ZXP Series 9 has been best in its class for printing photos and image backgrounds in its high speed. This dependable Series 9 ZXP card printer uses Zebra’s color-predictive machinery, featuring algorithms that instantly adapt and constantly screen printer settings to make the best printing quality every time you use it. As one retransfer printer, the ZXP Series 9 allows you to give extraordinarily long-lasting card each day, even on the non-ISO-flat card’s surface like the Smart, RFID cards and even laminated badges too.


Kinds of Datamax H-Class Printers


There are so many kinds of Datamax Class Printers and one of them is the Datamax H Class Printers that have its different kinds under it which only varies in its size of print resolution and print speed for the making of Datamax name tags.

The Datamax H Class printer family is a thermal barcode printer with the most complex and features the rich printer solution styled for the dynamic enterprise applications of today. The H Class printer gives throughput that is twice as speedy as the other printers in their class, and the gear-driven style gives the most reliable and the rugged performance for about 24×7 mission critical services. The modular construction escalates up time for that highest level of the user productivity, and assist in giving the lowest amount of ownership. The H Class printers offered the large graphical display in the industry that provides the easy to read, analyze for that quick navigation and also printer notifications. Also, on top of these, the H-Class printer is being designed with alternative to address the evolving RFID applications.

Kinds of Datamax H Class Printers:

  1. Datamax H-4212 Printers – this H-4212 featured the 4 inches print width, with the 200 dpi print resolutions, and a 12″ print speed in every second.
  2. Datamax H-4310 Printers – this H-4310 featured the 4 inches print width, with the 300 dpi print resolutions, and a 10″ print speed in every second.
  3. Datamax H-4408 Printers – this H-4408 featured the 4 inches print width, with the 406 dpi print resolutions, and an 8″ print speed in every second.
  4. Datamax H-4606 Printers – this H-4606 featured the 4 inches print width, with the 600 dpi print resolutions, and a 6″ print speed in every second.
  5. Datamax H-6210 Printers – this H-6210 featured the 6 inches print width, with the 200 dpi print resolutions, and a 10″ print speed in every second.
  6. Datamax H-6212 Printers – this H-6212 featured the 6 inches print width, with the 200 dpi print resolutions, and a 12″ print speed in every second.
  7. Datamax H-6308 Printers – this H-6308 featured the 6 inches print width, with the 300 dpi print resolutions, and an 8″ print speed in every second.
  8. Datamax H-8308X Printers – this H-8308X featured the 8 inches print width, with the 300 dpi print resolutions, and an 8″ print speed in every second.

–All of these eight kinds of Datamax H Class Printers have the large graphic display given an optimum viewing and also control of the entire printer functions, the high speed 32 bit in every 200 MHz multi charge processor reduces the processing times to add to the facts throughput, the 8MB flash memory standard and the 16MB DRAM that assures the space wanted for that seamless processing of its most demanding applications. This H-4212 gives the Standard Ethernet, the Parallel and the Serial interfaces, its USB, that ensure easy and simple host connectivity across their multiple platforms. The Standard SDIO and the USB Host tool ports provide support for that added memory and its application versatility.

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