Custom Lanyards


The customized lanyards have a massive selection of patterned and plain lanyards in a large array of colors, patterns and designs. There is a full customization and a quality that is best in the class. Badges and lanyards are so perfect for conventions, company functions and trade shows. Woven or printed or your personal custom logos will absolutely display and highlight the company or the business name, the government agencies like schools or military events and occasions that needed security or identity. Complement it with your preference of special attachment that will meet the requirements like ID ring, hooks and clips. Customized lanyards are a sure guarantee that will provide and will give the most economical means of promoting awareness for your charity events, services, brand, or corporate functions.

Kinds of custom lanyards:

11. Polyester lanyards – this is the most popular kind of lanyard. It is made of top quality polyester, and the logo and the message will be imprinted on the lanyards by a high class silk screen printing. This will give an ideal balance of good looking main lanyards in its very reasonable price. This is very comfortable and durable to wear. There are several colors to imprint on similar lanyard. This is an ideal choice for the basic text plan or any main logo with a simple color.


22. Nylon lanyards – are the same with the polyester lanyards, and with a step elevated in terms of class because of the material. These lanyards are created using top quality nylon material, and it increases the sleekness plus the shine of a lanyard. In the longest run, the nylon lanyard will maintain the quality of material, decreasing the wear and tear. Because of its finer nylon materials, the higher features of silk screen printings are being used, and so it can imprint even the main complex logos available. This lanyard is the best option if you have the complex logo, but do not want to style your personalized Dye Sublimation lanyards.


3. Tube lanyards – are the ideal option for those that being on a very tight budget. This is the most economical kind of lanyard without the need to sacrifice the durability and quality. It is created using the loosely stitched polyester which formed into the tube to raise the durability and strength. It feels and looks similar to the tubular shoelace which can slightly stretch personally. You can select your personal logo and message that will imprint on a tube lanyard, this is because the silk screen print technology is used and the same with a polyester lanyard.

44. Woven lanyards – these are the best for those that wanted the best quality and will not really mind paying more in exchange of quality. The text or logo can be woven to the lanyard by a thread, making it a bit stick out, and providing a textured feel the moment you touch the logo or the text. This procedure is the same to embroidering on with the T-shirt. This kind of lanyard is normally recommended for simple texts, or logos as with the more complex logo it may appear a bit distorted or pixilated.


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